Publications on democracy

The Effect of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Political Support: Some Good News for Democracy?
European Journal of Political Research (2020, with D. Bol, A. Blais and P.J. Loewen)

It's a Match! Non-Parametric Imputation of European Abstainers’ Vote
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Electoral Competition through Issue Selection
American Journal of Political Science (2015, with E. Aragonès and M. Castanheira)

Publications on discrimination and inequality

Terrorist Attacks and Minority Perceived Discrimination
British Journal of Sociology (2020, with L. Merlino)

Fear without Prejudice in the Shadow of Jihadist Threat
Comparative Political Studies (2020)

Global Racist Contagion following Donald Trump's Election
British Journal of Political Science (2019, with P-G. Méon)

Inclusion without Solidariety: Education, Economic Security, and Attitudes towards Redistribution
Political Studies (2019, with M. Gelepithis)

Working papers

Military Culture and Institutional Trust: Evidence from Conscription Reforms across Europe
with V. Bove and R. Di Leo

Household Education Gaps and Gender Role Attitudes
with D. Hope and Ø. Skorge

Wait and See? Public Opinion Dynamics after Terrorist Attacks
with M. Epifanio and R. Ivandic

Does Diversity Undermine Trust and Cooperation?
with S. Hargreaves Heap and D. Minos

Immigration, Human Rights, and Redistribution