Marco Giani, PhD


Office:  7.20 Bush House NE wing 


Bio. Welcome to my website. I am an Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in the Department of Political Economy (DPE) at King's College London.       

Before joining DPE, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Government Department at the London School of Economics. I obtained a PhD in Political Economy from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (2017) and a BA in Social Science from the Università degli Studi di Firenze (2008). In between, I worked for UNICEF and the European Commission.   


I research the relationship between social cleavages and political values across European democracies. The main focus is on how education divides social groups on cultural values, but I also work on civil-military and majority-minority attitudinal divergence amid political violence. Methodologically, I specialise in causal inference on observational data.  

At King's, I teach "Statistical Methods in History and Politics" for UG students and "Political Economy of Discrimination" for MA students. I look forward to supervising PhD students interested in the sociopolitical causes and consequences of education in Europe. You're very welcome to email me about your research. Here's my detailed CV.   

   Selected work

The Recruitment Crisis in European Militaries, Cambridge University Press (under contract, Elements in Defense Economics) with V Bove and R Di Leo

Education and the Paradox of Perceived Discrimination, World Politics (in press) with M Gelepithis [WP]

Cultural capital transmission's strategy: a revised strategic framework, American Journal of Sociology (in press) [WP]

Military Culture and Institutional Trust: Evidence from Conscription Reforms, American Journal of Political Science 68(2), 2024 with V Bove and R Di Leo [WP] 

Wait and See? Public Opinion Dynamics after Terrorist Attacks, Journal of Politics 85(3), 2023 with M Epifanio and R Ivandic [WP

Global Racist Contagion following Donald Trump's Election, British Journal of Political Science 51(3), 2021 with P-G Méon [WP]

Fear without Prejudice in the Shadow of Jihadist Threat, Comparative Political Studies 54(6), 2021 [WP]

Terrorist Attacks and Minority Perceived Discrimination, British Journal of Sociology 72(2), 2021 with L Merlino [WP]

Electoral Competition through Issue Selection, American Journal of Political Science 59(1), 2015 with E Aragonès and M Castanheira [WP]